GREAT LAKES INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS is OPEN, fully operational and is dedicated to conducting its business continuously during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

  1. ESSENTIAL SUPPLIER - We are designated as an ESSENTIAL SUPPLIER to Critical Infrastructure Entities including all power producers, petrochemical manufacturing, gas distribution, mining, healthcare, water & wastewater, defense, pharmaceutical and food & beverage production.
  1. STAFF & OPERATIONS – We are fully operational with half of our staff working from their homes with full capacity to maintain our traditional ultra-high levels of service, response time and accuracy as stipulated in our quality manual.
  1. SAFETY & SANITATION – We are in strict compliance with the official government guidelines pertaining to implementation and posting of disinfection, hygiene, social responsibility and quarantine protocols.
  1. EMERGENCY RAPID RESPONSE SERVICE – We continue to maintain a complete Emergency Rapid Response Service and Delivery capability – our 24 hour emergency service hotlines are 519-381-1750 and 519-466-4632.
  1. DELIVERY, INVENTORY & SUPPLY CHAIN – We are closely monitoring our and our suppliers’ ON-TIME delivery performance to mitigate unexpected delays and we have doubled our inventory to compensate for potential delays that may arise in the future.
  1. SUPPORT CAPABILITIES – We are fully connected and operational with ZOOM, WEBEX, MS-TEAMS and SKYPE platforms to provide any product training, troubleshooting or other technical assistance that may be required.

We will continue to closely monitor and comply to any changes in governmental guidelines, safeguard the health of our employees, customers and intermediaries, and provide immediate responses to all requests and inquiries from our customers and suppliers.