Actuators, Valve Pneumatic & Hydraulic & Electric SAMSON
Anti-Seize Compound, Premium Nickel CHESTERTON
CEMS Tube Bundles For Emissions Monitoring THERMON
Chain-Drive Lubricant CHESTERTON
Edge-Guiding Systems For Steel Mills GPE
Eyewash Systems ENCON
Emergency Showers ENCON
Flame Arresters SHAND & JURS
Flow Meters (Rotameters) BROOKS INSTRUMENT
Flow Meters (Thermal MassFlow) BROOKS INSTRUMENT
Filters, Cooling Tower Water DIAMOND
Filters, HVAC Water DIAMOND
Filters, Welder Water DIAMOND
Gaskets, Stainless Steel CHESTERTON
Gauges, Pressure TRERICE (H.O.)
Heat Exchangers, Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems WSA
Heat Exchangers, Emergency Repair Plugs EST
Heat Exchangers, Live-Loaded & Gaskets CHESTERTON
Heat Exchangers, Plate & Frame PAUL MUELLER
Heat Exchangers, Test Equipment For EST
Heaters, Explosion-Proof Electric RUFFNECK
Heaters, Steam Unit RUFFNECK
Hose, Stainless Steel SENIOR FLEXONICS
Level Controls, Mechanical OMNITROL
Level Controls, Radar L & J ENGINEERING
Level Controls, Solid & Liquid Point DELAVAN
Manifolds, Steam Condensate Collection GREAT LAKES
Modulating Solenoid Valves TARGET ROCK
Oil Spill Clean-Up Matts OIL MAGNET
Oxygen Blanketing Control Systems For Tanks SHAND & JURS
Packing for Valves & Pumps CHESTERTON
Pigging Systems PFEIFFER
Pipe-Flange Leak Prevention Shield RAMCO
Pipe-Flange Lead Detection Paint RAMCO
Plugs, Heat Exchanger Emergency Repair EST
Plugs, Test EST
Power Supply Systems, Portable With Lighting THERMON
Pressure Management Products, Safety Valves FARRIS
Pressure Management Products, Rupture Discs OSECO
Pressure Management Products, Low Pressure SHAND & JURS
Pumps, Chemical Metering JESCO & BIF & YARWAY
Pumps, Progressive Cavity SEEPEX
Relays, Pneumatic AMOT
Regulators, Pressure SAMSON
Regulators, Small-Flow Gas Stainless Steel TESCOM
Regulators, Steam SAMSON
Regulators, Temperature SAMSON & TRERICE (H.O.)
Rust Protection Spray CHESTERTON
Rupture Discs OSECO
Safety Showers ENCON
Safety Showers, Enclosed ENCON
Safety Showers, Tempered Water Systems For ENCON
Seals, Mechanical CHESTERTON
Silencers, Steam Vent GREAT LAKES
Strainers Automatic Backwash IFC
Strainers Basket IFC
Strainers Duplex IFC
Strainers Temporary IFC
Strainers Y-Type YARWAY
Teflon Tape, Premium Magic Unbelievable CHESTERTON
Thermostats, Heavy Duty, Explosion-Proof Electric RUFFNECK
Thermometers TRERICE (H.O.)
Tracing, Electric THERMON
Tracing, Steam THERMON
Traps, Steam YARWAY
Tubing, Bare Copper & Stainless Steel THERMON
Tubing, Pre-Insulated THERMON
Tubing, Pre-Insulated Electric Traced THERMON
Tubing, Pre-Insulated Steam Traced THERMON
Valve Repairs (all types) CAMERON
Valves, Ball BRAY FLOTEK
Valves, Bellows-Seal PHONIX
Valves, Blast-Furnace Dust Catcher WEY VALVE
Valves, Butterfly Resilient Seat BRAY
Valves, Butterfly Triple-Offset Metal-Seated SOLENT & PRATT
Valves, Chlorine PHONIX
Valves, Coke-Oven Gas WEY VALVE
Valves, Coke-Oven Gas Cock STRACK/PHONIX
Valves, Cryogenic PHONIX
Valves, Blast Furnace Dust-Catcher WEY VALVE
Valves, DeSuperheater SAMSON
Valves, Double-Block & Bleed WEY VALVE & SOLENT & PRATT
Valves, Emergency Process Shutoff SAMSON
Vavles, Forged Steel With Pressure Sealed Bonnet BONNEY FORGE + STRACK
Valves, Globe Control SAMSON
Valves, High-Pressure Steam STRACK
Valves, Injection Control STRACK
Valves, Instrument HEX VALVE
Valves, Knife-Gate WEY VALVE
Valves, Lift-Plug Non-Lubricated STRACK
Valves, Nuclear TARGET ROCK
Valves, Pipeline Flat-Plate Gate STRACK
Valves, Pressure Gage Isolation PHONIX
Valves, Pressure Reducing SAMSON
Valves, Pressure Relief FARRIS
Valves, Process Control SAMSON
Valves, Railway Tanker Car PHONIX
Valves, Repairs CAMERON
Valves, Rotary Control SAMSON
Valves, Safety FARRIS
Valves, Safety Valve Changeover FARRIS
Valves, Severe Service Control SAMSON
Valves, Sludge-Pump Isolation WEY VALVE
Valves, Solenoid Modulating TARGET ROCK
Valves, Steam Conditioning SAMSON
Valves, Steam Control SAMSON
Valves, Steam (Forged Steel) BONNEY FORGE
Valves, Tank Bottom STRACK
Valves, Tank Vent SHAND & JURS
Valves, Teflon-Lined Plug XOMOX
Valves, Three-Way Bellows PHONIX
Valves, Three-Way Lift Plug STRACK
Valves, Three-Way Thermostatic Control AMOT
Valves, Turbine Trip SAMSON
Valves, Urea Excess Flow SAMSON & PHONIX
Valves, WasteWater WEY VALVE
Vents, Air YARWAY
Water Heaters, Instantaneous Steam GRAHAM